Friday 8/21/2015--Hey everyone, I just finished my first promotional shoot in preparation for the site launch at Bulldog bar.  I posted the images in my Client > Galleries > Bulldog.  In the future clients who request an onsite shoot will be posted in this area, however will be given a unique login just for them.  For promotional period starting today, I will come to your location (in Seoul) and take photos for free, however there is still a license fee per image.  I will post them for you in the client section where you can choose from the licensing options, or not choose.   There's no risk to you if you choose not to purchase an image.  

My Landscapes and Travel images are also for sale to the public.  I will be optimizing the photos and will upload many more in the coming months please come back and check for new material.

Thank you

Soul Travel Studio

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